Manifestation of Quantum Experience and Supersensuality (Connecting - Synchronicity)

If we descended into the very core of existence and if we intended to embrace it as such, trying to explain its purpose - the meaning of it, we would probably come to the realization that this very realization is intangible.

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In basis, life does not have a rational core, even though we have accepted it as such and for the most part we also imagine and interpret it in that way. Therefore, every opposition and attempt of proving it otherwise, to embrace it within some constructive strength or certainty in the current model — the mold of perception, which is generally known in the world is impossible.

We could probably think logically that in the context of indefinite conclusions about this reality of the world, as well as with internal perception, despite the absence of certain factors and solid evidence or lack of them, we can not deny certain facts and personal experiences - perceptions, even though those can be entirely unknown or invisible and therefore some conventional aspects, whether they come from direction of “external” sciences, which are of course an indispensable part, but ultimately do not have a final role and enough “weight “ for a disclosure on the way to the absolute, even if it, is elusive - unknown and undefined.

After all, for internal development, the deepening and for the understanding, we should alleviate too much skepticism, which prevents us from taking into account and to include unconventional aspects, but of course, we must maintain some basic skepticism with such an abstraction and a caution within certain ideologies, which have been born in post-modernism.

Thus, by connecting external observations and internal realizations - findings, we can obtain the so-called tangible intuition, which could be defined as rational intuition or as something, that “it” can become. As such, within the embracement of a certain experience, it proves and confirms cognitions to a subject and then evaluates them from an irrational “field”, from which is later shown and realized as synchronicity on the surface - is manifested conceptually or in actual materiality.

A “particle — product” is created, which is independent in itself and can be connected with a specific theoretical finding or approximation of the one on which we have an insight about and about its core - a recognition. To such insights an individual comes by himself, so he can presents them as truth in a retrospection, even though he cannot systematically display it within the framework of primary laws and models, which we have accepted as facts.

And although this is an personal aspect - a quantum within a self exploration, which an individual cannot present or offer as a rationally meaningful pattern, such mechanisms have already started to show in psychology as well as philosophy, which we can take into account as basic facts of the current condition - perception of reality, for which we do not have the background, where there is an ignorance of the absolute, of many aspects, questions, and “dimensions”. We do not know in fullness what is a relationship between a man and the outside world, between the world and consciousness.

It is something that each individual realizes in himself - he recognize a certain realization in his individualization, in the experience - his subjective cognition and the moment of supersensibility, as an impulse or a pull from the unconscious.

And after all, we live in era, where there is a flourishment and unfoldment, with which the concepts of quantum and metaphysical, psychological and transpsychological have begun to connect. A progress is indicated - the realization of something we have yet to realize and accept.

Author: Luka Višnikar



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